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 The Soul Response To Our Food

A crucial time to observe ourselves is during the first few minutes after we have eaten.  The physical and what I would call the soul response to one’s food shows up in those few minutes.

What kind of feeling well is it? Are we experiencing the well deserved perfectly cooked for us meal? Are we feeling energized? Are we digesting well? 

Did our meal have clear flavors, crisp textures, light sauces and appropriately ripe fruits and vegetables? Did those tomatoes really taste like tomatoes?

Love, Life & Food Intertwine

Beach Plum Chef of Cape Cod offers seasonal menus with organic and heirloom highlights, grass-fed meats and humanely raised animal products, and locally caught fish. As well as high quality conventionally grown, non-gmo products.

As chef/owner, I also specialize in creating fine-dining and nutrient rich menus that are not mutually exclusive – meaning that my clients can have both at the same time.

Ultimately, I cook to support my clients, and their well-being.

I add to that my respect for our food, for nature, and for all the people who grow, harvest, raise and catch what we eat.

Thank you to my clients and their families and guests.

For new clients – I look forward to working with you.

May you eat well and feel well loved.

–Chef Dana

updated May 2011

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