Vegan Indian Feast

Beach Plum Chef of Cape Cod Personal Chef and Catering Service   USA

This is an original menu by Beach Plum Chef of Cape Cod. It contains adaptations of more than one regional Indian cuisine, and was inspired by Madhur Jaffe’s Book “A Taste of India.” This menu was for a specific client who is vegan and learning about Indian cuisine.  Includes a chicken entree to serve non-vegan guests.

Contains Original Recipes by Beach Plum Chef of Cape Cod,

Menu Copyright 2012, All Rights Reserved.

A Vegan Indian Feast

Cocktail Starter:

Papaya Martinis – papaya syrup – made from dried papaya – reconstituted w hot water and a small amount of cane sugar and pureed – fresh lime juice – bitters – vodka – and a splash of cool hibiscus tea. A Beach Plum Chef Recipe

Passed Appetizers: 

Hoppers w Tamarind Pastea crepe like pancake made w rice flour and coconut milk (egg substitute for a vegan version) and sea salt – spread with a sweet and sour fruit paste found in chutneys and jams. Served warm, as rolled up crepes cut into two-bite portions

Potato w Toasted Cumin and Yellow Bell Peppercubes of potato w bell pepper – ground cumin and garlic served on small picks

Sweet Potato w Ginger Oil – mini skewers of roasted sweet potato – brushed w olive oil infused w fresh ginger – served on mini skewers w cooked green onion

2 Kinds of Indian Fritters:  pan fried fritters made w chick pea flour, vegetables, sea salt and spices, served w a slow cooked tomato ginger dipping sauce

  1. Fried Okra w Scallion, Ginger, Cilantro & Jalapeño
  2. Fried Zucchini w Sweet Onion, Ginger, Cilantro, Cardamom & Indian Spices (spicy but not as hot as the okra fritter)

First Course Soup:

Sarki – split pea soup served in the Gurjarat region of India (western India)

Made w toovar dal (yellow spit peas) cooked w onion, toasted cumin, turmeric, green chilies, lemon juice, and fresh coriander

Topped With:  marinated cucumber w tomato, fresh dill/coriander and rice vinegar. Traditionally served with yoghurt – as a cooling element, our vegan version will be topped with a pureed cucumber and parsley sauce.


Indian Spiced Vegetables, and Hen of the Woods Mushroom w Curried Sweet Pea Sauce.  Served with Basmati Rice w Spring Onion

Indian Spiced Vegetables Consisting of:

Moghlai Saag – fresh spinach cooked with sweet onion, toasted fennel seeds, red chili flakes, and garam masala spice; Curried Cauliflower w onion, red bell pepper, mustard seed, turmeric; and Steamed Spring Peas

Hen of the Woods Mushroom w Fennel, Garlic and Ginger – cooked in hemp seed butter

Sweet Pea Curry Sauce – a fine puree of fresh spring peas, fennel, and green curry – served on the side

Optional Entrée: Chicken Piccata – Bell and Evans Chicken Breasts, pounded and sautéed in a lemon and brown butter caper sauce – w sliced button mushroom – Basmati rice (as above) and spring peas


Coconut Milk Ice Cream (non-dairy) with Toasted Coconut

Fresh Mango Sauce w Nutmeg and Cinnamon


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