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Beach Plum Chef of Cape Cod/ Weekly Chef/ Prepared Meals Service


Food Styles: Healthy Comfort Food, Mediterranean, Ethnic, Nutrient Specific…

swordfish, asparagus, hen of the woods mushroom...

Weekend – One Week – One Month – Menu Planning

Meals Prepared On-Site – Short Term Service Available

Price:  determined by # of guests /# of meals prepared /and food cost/ please email or call for specific pricing

(Organic menus are priced higher)

  • Fresh cooked meals left in fridge in disposable containers & directions for reheating
  • Packages available for couples, singles, families and vacationers
  • Cooking takes place at client’s home

salmon, ground turkey meatloaf w onion, vegetable sides....

Sample Menus: Brain Food, Comfort FoodVegetarian/ VeganSoups, Broths & Stews

  • all menus – attention to food combining, use of healthy fats, low in sugar and added salt
  • organic menus available – including meats
  • menus for entertaining/ put-away meals and snacks for a weekend of guests
  • vegetarian and vegan menus
  • special dietary needs accommodated
  • short term menu planning for clients home from physical rehab or other
  • custom diets – chosen by client or client’s doctor/nutritionist/macrobiotic counselor or other

How do you add flavor and creamy texture without relying on saturated fats such as cheese?

By caramelizing onions, slow cooking, roasting with garlic and herbs, using lemon and citrus, cooking with wine & organic marinades, partially pureeing soups and broths & using a Vitamixer high powered blender for smooth sauces… to name a few ways….         

Weekly Service Menus:

1.  Beach Plum Chef Brain Foodlow in fat, high in protein, omega fatty 3’s and other known memory and brain builders. Includes grains and legume dishes as sides. Supports an organic / humane foods lifestyle. Mediterranean style cooking.  

The Beach Plum Chef Brain Food Menu also follows “Fit For Life” – food combining for optimal digestion.

2.  Beach Plum Chef Comfort Food – American style comfort foods – familiar, grounding, better quality foods.

3.  Beach Plum Chef Every Day Meals – A range of popular ethnic and everyday foods.  Less expensive entrées. Please ask for the latest Beach Plum Chef Every Day Meals Menu.

4.  Beach Plum Chef Vegetarian – fresh seasonal ingredients, balanced for nutrition and great flavor. With ethnic dishes to add variety. Extensive menu available. 

5.  Beach Plum Chef Vegan – a variety of soups, main courses and even desserts. Extensive menu available. Please ask.

6.  Beach Plum Chef Physical Rehabfor recuperating clients who might need a transition to regular eating habits. Also for persons with specific dietary needs. Service typically runs one week to several weeks or more. Requires client check in with doctor – to see what foods are contraindicated for their medications. Custom Menus.

7.  Beach Plum Chef Macrobiotic – following guidelines created by the Kushi Institute in Western Mass. Useful for building better health and recovering from some illnesses. Custom Menus Only.


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