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Beach Plum Chef Soups, Broths and Stews:

Note: Some recipes are currently vegan, others can be made vegan

Leek and Potato   

Cream of Tomato (for vegan and non-dairy eaters – we use boiled onion to create rich texture)

A creamy mushroom soup made with reduced mushroom puree and vegetable stock, with a light cream and fresh thyme finish

A creamy mushroom soup made w reduced mushroom puree, stock, EVO, caramelized onion, butter, cream, and fresh herbs.






Mushroom Duxelle (photo)
Butternut Squash  w toasted pine nut topping and lemon (Vegan)

Carrot Sweet Potato & Ginger, The Betacarotene Soup (Vegan)

Herb Broth w White Fish & Vegetables – Roasted Asparagus, Fresh Spinach, Water Chestnut, Slivered Carrot. Served w Sweet Potato Tempura

Creamy Potato Finished w Chive Flowers

Chicken Soup w Parsley Puree, & Chicken Vegetable Dumplings

New Mexican Black Turtle Bean Soup – w fresh toppings – cilantro, red onion, green onion, fresh tomato salsa, hatch chili & sour cream

Turkey Chili w Stewed New Mexican Adobo Chili  and Spices

Vegetarian Chili w Chipotle Served w Homemade Cornbread

Vegetable Soup w Sauteed Greens

Beef Stew Provencal Style w Rosemary & White Wine Finish

Scallop Stew w Potato, Greens, Fresh Thyme & Parsley – finished w cream and white wine

Fish Stew – white fish, mussels, fresh herbs, potato, carrot & celery, w cream finish

Cioppino – Classic Italian Style fish stew. The Beach Plum Chef version is made with fresh tomato & garlic, shrimp, mussels, swordfish chunks and calamari – served family style with garlic crostini.

Black Mussels in Lemon Grass Broth w Cilantro – homemade Thai inspired broth – a simple variation on classic steamed mussels

Lobster Bisque – made from fresh stock – served with chucks of lobster in a fine cream bisque

Vegetable Soup w Cheese Toasts & Roasted Asparagus

Borscht w Potato Pastries – roasted beet soup and potato pastries w celery and caraway

Goat Cheese Quenelles in Fresh Tomato Broth w Basil – small oval shaped spoonfuls of local goat cheese w fresh herbs & fennel

Chef’s Note: I add butter and cream typically as a finish rather than as a base – making soups lighter and more digestible

Menu Copyright/ 2010-2012  Beach Plum Chef of Cape Cod / Massachusetts/ USA.  Please do not reproduce without permission.


Chef Dana: One time I made five soups for a client who was just out of surgery.

Each soup was strained, pureed, and optimized for calories and nutrition while she was eating out of a straw for a week…

The soups were FABULOUS! So far I’ve had the mushroom and the tomato. Tonight I’m going to try the squash… I’m doing better now, and thanks again!

Marsha M, Marstons Mills

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