Sea Scallop First Course, Chilean Sea Bass


Beach Plum Chef of Cape Cod Personal Chef and Catering;


Seared Dayboat Sea Scallop First Course, Chilean Sea Bass w Sweet Pea and Basil Sauce 

Social Hour Appetizers:

Roasted Marinated Artichoke Hearts w Fennel on Skewers

Brown Button Mushroom Mini Skewers – roasted w black pepper, red wine, garlic

Roasted Fennel Dip w Lemon, Served w Sesame Crackers

House-Made Boursin (Cream Cheese, Feta, Fresh Sage, Thyme, Parsley & Garlic)

Lentil and Rosemary Pate

Sourdough Crostini w Oregano & Garlic

 First Course:

Seared Local Day Boat Sea Scallops w Organic Corn Coulis

Second Course: Micro Salad – a delicate salad for in-between courses

Micro Green, Carrot Matchstick, Cucumber Julienne, Sunflower Sprouts,

Organic Plum Tomato Compote w Minced Parsley

Dressing: Terra Luna Balsamic, EVO, Sea Salt


Baked Chilean Sea Bass w Caramelized Red and Yellow Onion

Green Pea and Basil Sauce (no dairy)


Asparagus Spears, Yellow Squash Ribbons, Beet Batons w Orange Bell Pepper

Menu Copyright Beach Plum Chef of Cape Cod 2012; All Rights Reserved






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