Thai Fusion Wedding

Beach Plum Chef Personal Chef and Catering Service –  Serving Falmouth to Provincetown, Cape Cod; USA

 Wedding Dinner/ Mixed Thai Vegetarian and Seafood

Example of a Beach Plum Chef Complete Custom Wedding/ Event Menu –

This menu is based on a Thai flavor profile, recipes by Beach Plum Chef/ the client specified vegetarian and seafood entrees – with an Asian fusion theme.

This menu is intended to entertain, to invite, and to flow according to flavor intensity – building to the entrée. It is also composed for overall digestibility – a constant Beach Plum Chef priority.

Plated First Course/ Spicy:

Crispy Fried Mung Bean and Caramelized Shallot Dumpling – two homemade barley flour dumplings stuffed w fresh leaf spinach, caramelized shallot, bean sprouts, sweet roasted garlic, jalapeno and coriander leaf.

Fried in organic coconut oil, and served w a fresh lime and cilantro sauce –

Second Course, Soup/ Cooling:

Sweet Potato Quenelle in Sweet Pea Lemon Grass Broth

Sweet potato quenelle forms (oval dumpling like shapes) with chive oil, garlic fresh lemon and nutmeg – in a hot and aromatic broth. Garnished w fried lemon grass, fried garlic and chive leaves and flowers

Third Course, Sorbet/ Palate Cleanse:

Homemade Rhubarb Sherbet w Crystallized Blood Orange Rind

Fourth Course Seafood Entrée:

Baked Chilean Sea Bass on Coconut Jasmine Rice w Toasted Coconut and Caramelized Sweet Onion

Served w Red and Yellow Beets Roasted w Nutmeg and Allspice, and a Green Curry Coconut Milk Sauce

Fourth Course Vegetarian Entrée:

Thai Roasted Vegetable Tower: Garlic Eggplant, Yellow Squash and Zucchini w Red Thai Chili, Shitake Mushroom w Ginger Oil and Garlic

Sides: Coconut Jasmine Rice Cooked in Coconut Milk Topped w Dried Toasted Coconut

Spring Peas w Mint

Additional Condiments: Cilantro Sauce, Fried Jalapeno, Chive Leaves and Flowers

Fifth Course: Matchstick Fruit Salad w Lime- Ginger Vinaigrette

Asian Pear Matchstick, Green Apple Apple Matchstick, Fresh Mint and House-Made Candied Pecans

Served with a dressing of lime juice, mint leaf, grated ginger, sesame oil and sea salt

Table Condiments:

Homemade Thai Chili Sauce

House-made Mango and Red Onion Chutney (same as first course)

Post-Dinner Digestive Tea and Table Sweets:

Mint Tea Garnished w Toasted Pine Nuts

Anise Cookie Thins

Spiced Cashew and Sunflower Seed Brittle (made by Beach Plum Chef)

Dessert: Custom Wedding Cake, Seedless Champagne Grapes

 Original Menu Copyright Beach Plum Chef of Cape Cod/ All Rights Reserved April 2012 





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