Beach Plum Chef of Cape Cod Welcomes You

Hand-Picked Sea Scallops w Organic Corn Coulis

Beach Plum Chef of Cape Cod is a personal chef service specializing in simplicity, wellness, and the lighter side of fine dining.

We make everything from scratch – that means homemade pies – lobster bisque made to order – pesto from fresh basil – and light vegetable sauces made from ripe picked vegetables and good wines.

The owner, Dana Dunbar, has applied her 25 plus years of professional chef experience in fine dining, spa venues and other – and has written most of the recipes that serve her clients today. 

She also has extensive experience writing recipes and menus to support gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free and other specific dietary needs, and will welcome your input.

At Beach Plum Chef, a happy event means that the food you eat likes you back; eating well is feeling well. 🙂

Beach Plum Chef of Cape Cod catering menus feature local fish, grass fed meats, game, organic poultry, Cape Cod farmer’s market highlights, and artisan specialties.

Beach Plum Chef is featured in Cape Cod Magazine’s Jan-Feb 2012 Food Guide. 🙂

We are pleased to be featured in the Feb/ March issue of Cape Cod Food Lovers Guide.

Beach Plum Chef also offers catering services for vegetarian, vegan, special events and weddings on Cape Cod.

Beach Plum Chef Weekly Menus provide on-going support for local and vacationing clients.

Beach Plum Chef of Cape Cod: People Friendly Food… Earth Friendly Service. 🙂


New 2017: Beach Plum Chef is now serving Niman Farms Humanely Raised Beef (all cuts), Black Wing Farm Organic Humanely Raised, and we also now have locally sourced meats from Cape Cod.

Additional Press: Prime Time Magazine of Cape Cod… Features Beach Plum Chef,  Read Article /Starts Page 5


  • Dinner Parties –
  • Cocktail and Appetizer Parties
  • Weddings and Special Events – up to 200 person guest list.
  • Custom Menus – Built with You
  • Chefs Choice Menus – Including Locally Sourced and Wild Foods
  • Inclusive Menus – Order With Confidence for Guests w Specific Dietary Preferences
  • Yacht Chef Service for Two – Five Courses, Including Table Setting, Linen & Flowers
  • Event Staffing – Servers, Tips Certified Bartenders, Chef Stations for Catered Events

Each catering menu is made with the client, based on the client’s vision and the feeling of the event.  

Please let us know about guests who might have specific tastes and dietary preferences.


Beach Plum Chef Weekly Service: October 2017 – May 2018

Meals Cooked at Your Home – comfort food…weekend guests… 2-5 meals packages, including well being/ special diets…. cancer recovery…. All menus support optimal food combining and digestion, and pleasure in eating. Food happiness and feeling well is our goal.

Short term services available – one week to one month…

White Fish, Sea Scallops, Shrimp w Sweet Corn Bell Pepper and Fresh Asparagus, Beach Plum Chef Weekly Meals – all materials copyright beach plum chef 2011 – 2018, except Cape Cod Magazine image-

Beach Plum Chef Personal Chef of Cape Cod

Heirloom Variety Beans From the Farmers Market

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